Wiley and Sunny Queen step into the future of ready-to-eat egg products

Wiley are proud to announce they have signed a contract with Sunny Queen Australia to deliver a 4,000m² (approx.) greenfield egg production facility to be constructed on their Synergy Park site  in Carole Park, Brisbane.
Dubbed Stage One, the $13M plant marks the beginning of a new era of development for Sunny Queen with this world class egg processing facility becoming the primary production hub for their ongoing expansion.

Wiley won the contract from a select group of six tenders following a three month re-design out of which Wiley assumed responsibility for design of the structural elements and will also take an active role in monitoring the design with a view to identifying further cost savings throughout the project.

Business Development Director Andrew Newby said this is a ‘new breed’ of integrated food manufacturing, storage and distribution facility which will produce a range of ready-to-eat egg products.

“This project is a strategic win for Wiley,” Andrew said, “We thrive on these opportunities to work with clients, like Sunny Queen Australia, who are willing to make smart investments in innovative, future-focussed food facilities.”

“It will be this new breed of food producers that will lead the way to meeting ever-increasing food demands here in Australia, in Asia and globally.”

Wiley has now entered a detailed design phase that will culminate with site establishment in mid-June. Completion of Stage One construction is set for the end of February, 2014.