Nestlé warehouse and distribution centre II

Client: Nestlé
Location: East Java, Indonesia
Scope overview: Design and construct a 15,000m2 central warehousing and distribution facility

Project Description

PT Nestlé Indonesia and Wiley build for booming business


Nestlé is an iconic international brand producing and supplying a vast array of food and beverage products throughout the world.


To design and construct a 15,000m2 central warehousing and distribution facility in Gempol, East Java, which provides maximum efficiency in throughput and handling, durable and low maintenance facilities, and flexibility for future expansion and changes in transport and handling.


  • Conducting a feasibility study of options
  • Delivering the project in a remote area
  • Identifying and implementing cost saving initiatives
  • Constructing very flat flooring.



  • A feasibility study to assess client needs, cost-efficiencies and operational issues and a range of recommendations on the most appropriate building size and layout, materials, equipment, storage methods, inventory management systems and land acquisition options
  • Direct procurement opportunities as cost-saving measures for the client
  • Public relations management of issues relating to building in a rural location with paddy field.


  • A staggered design process to allow for site works
  • A combination of local resources and Australia’s best standards and techniques as required
  • Value-engineering to achieve cost savings in design features
  • Accommodation of client’s design changes.


  • Material and equipment planning to meet the challenge of working in a remote location
  • Expatriate site supervision supported by local managers
  • Very flat and durable flooring requirements
  • Onsite training and management of local workers to meet our high quality standards.


Wiley delivered a central warehousing and distribution facility that enables Nestlé, the world’s largest food producer, to cater for strong sales growth in Bali and East and Central Java.

This facility further strengthens the client’s foot hold in an expanding regional market.